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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Damp Wood Termites Of Malaysia.

As their labeling suggest dampwood termites feed only on dead wood that has a high moisture content. Unlike drywood termites which are serious pest of furniture and wooden structures, damp wood termites are rarely regarded as pest as their diet consist primarily of rotting and damp tree branches and trunks on the jungle floor.

The species shown in this page might have been designated as Prorhinotermes flavius (according to some documentations).

A similarity with dry wood termites is their small numbers. Each nest rarely consist of more than a few hundred individuals.

Damp wood termites used their droppings together with chewed wood fragments to seal their tunnels' openings. The droppings of damp wood termites are almost identical to dry wood termites except that they are not dry but moisture laden.

Nymphs.of damp wood and dry wood termites are the most mobile of all termites nymphs. Both workers and soldier nymphs of damp wood termites (except for the newly hatched) are fully functional members of the nest. They are among a very few species where the exoskeleton are fully hardened in the nymphal stage.

The classic 'fat' workers are probably indicative of their ability to become secondary reproductives or to change into pseudergates. Damp wood termites have one of the fastest transformation rate (one to three months) to pseudergates while those of fungus growing species have the slowest (six months to a year).
 Some workers and a soldier of damp wood termites.
 Various sizes of workers of damp wood termites.

 A worker and a nymph in her last instar.
 Damp wood termites workers and nymph.
 Closeup of a damp wood termite worker.
 A group of damp wood termites workers, nymphs and soldier.
A group of damp wood termites workers, nymphs and soldier.
 Some workers of damp wood termites and a nymph in its last instar.
A worker of damp wood termite and a maturing nymph.

 Close up of two soldiers of a species of Asian damp wood termites.

 Close up of a soldier of Asian damp wood termite.
The reproductive nymph with her rudimentary wings.

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