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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Havilanditermes Sp

Havilanditermes sp is one of the largest of the Nasutitermitinae termites in this location. The genus is very closely related to Hirtitermes. This is a subterranean species. While the soldiers are monomorphic the workers are dimorphic with a minor worker caste. The head color of the soldiers are orange red. Aside from size difference the minor workers also have a lighter colored head. Measuring at over 6 millimeters (TL) with half of that length being the head (until the tip of the nasut nozzle), it is by far the largest of the Nasutitermitinae subfamily in this location. Distinguishing feature are the darken body and the head of the soldier being equal in length to the body (half of the total length is the head to tip of nasus).

The subterranean foraging of Havilanditermes sp.
The subterranean foraging of Nasutitermes luzonicus

The subterranean foraging of Nasutitermes luzonicus
Subterranean foraging of Havilanditermes sp.

Free ranging foraging of Havilanditermes sp.

Free ranging foraging of Havilanditermes sp.

Nasutitermes termite soldiers and workers
Soldiers, major and minor workers of a Nasutitermes termite species Havilanditermes sp.

Nasutitermes termite
Havilanditermes sp. soldiers and workers.
Nasutitermes termites

The soldier of this Havilanditermes sp. like the workers (major) measured at over 6 millimeters.

Minor workers of Havilanditermes sp.
Close-up image of a minor and major workers of this large Havilanditermes sp. termites.

The soldier besides a minor worker of Havilanditermes sp. termites.

Major workers of this large Nasutitermes species
Major workers of Havilanditermes sp. termites.

Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Arthropoda
Class - Insecta
Subclass - Pterygota
Infraclass - Neoptera
Superorder - Dictyoptera
Order - Isoptera 7499
Suborder: Fontanella
Subdivision: Longiprocta
Superfamily: Termitiodae
Family - Termitidae 46569
Subfamily - Nasutitermitinae
Genus: Havilanditermes

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First Posted: 2011 05 09
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