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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dorylus Laevigatus

Dorylus laevigathus is an average size blind (eyeless) ant that is mostly subterranean during the day. Typically Dorylus laevigathus burrow through the soul hunting for prey and foraging for vegetative food but at night these ants will forage and hunt above ground displaying the characteristic hunting behavior of army ants.  Dorylus laevigatus is another species with a high degree of polymorphism. There are at least seven different workers sizes with the smallest at slight over 2 millimeters and the largest at 9 to 10 mm. The smallest worker function mainly as a janitor cleaner of the workers, brood and nest. This true caste separation is seen also in leaf cutter ants and Oecophylla smaragdina.

Mass of Dorylus laevigatus

Dorylus laevigatus workers
Major workers of Dorylus laevigatus.

Dorylus laevigatus workers both major, median and minors. There are at least seven distinct workers morphology in Dorylus laevigatus the smallest workers at around 2.5 millimeters appeared to have a prominant role in the cleaning and grooming of the other workers.

Dorylus Laevigatus ants

Dorylus laevigatus ants

The largest and smallest worker of Dorylus laevigatus
The largest and smallest worker of Dorylus laevigatus.

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