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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Microcerotermes Biroi.

A less common species of Microcerotermes is the Microcerotermes biroi. The mandibles of the soldiers have very pronounced serration. It is highly unusual for termites from this region to have such pronounced serrations on the mandibles. One can't help but wonder about the function of these especially for very small termites. The Microcerotermes genus of termites are arboreal with their nest usually on the main trunks of trees.

In this Microcerotermes species the soldiers are both slimmer and with a much longer abdomen than that of the more common Microcerotermes crassus.

This species has been tentatively labelled as Microcerotermes biroi as it bears the closest resemblances to this species. While it also bear a close resemblance to Microcerotermes dubious, the smaller head capsule and the very pronounced serration on the inside edges of the mandibles differentiate it significantly.

serrated mandibles of the soldiers of Microcerotermes biroi
The serrated mandibles of the soldiers of Microcerotermes biroi.

A soldier, worker and some nymphs (or larvae) of Microcerotermes biroi
A soldier, worker and some nymphs (or larvae) of Microcerotermes biroi.
Nymphs or larvae of the Microcerotermes biroi termites
Nymphs or larvae of the Microcerotermes biroi termites.

A soldier of Microcerotermes biroi termite
The unusually long abdomen of the soldier of Microcerotermes biroi.

An unusual worker with darkened head. A very small percentage of the workers of Microcerotermes have red colored heads which are typically smaller than the heads of the more common workers. Is this dimorphism of workers? 

A soldier of the termite species Microcerotermes biroi.

The soldier nymph of the Microcerotermes biroi flank by two soldiers.

Other Species:
Microcerotermes crassus

Cellular organisms; 131567
Eukaryota; 2759
Opisthokonta; 33154
Metazoa; 33208
Eumetazoa; 6072
Bilateria; 33213
Coelomata; 33316
Protostomia; 33317
Panarthropoda; 88770
Arthropoda; 6656
Mandibulata; 197563
Pancrustacea; 197562
Hexapoda; 6960
Insecta; 50557
Dicondylia; 85512
Pterygota; 7496
Neoptera; 33340
Orthopteroidea; 33341
Dictyoptera; 6970
Blattodea 85823
Isoptera; 7499
Termitidae; 46569
Termitinae; 92738
Amitermes group; 377832
Microcerotermes; 139992

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