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Monday, September 12, 2011


Kemneritermes appear to be a "primitive" Pericapritermes. The head of the soldier is shorter in proportion to its body than Pericapritermes.  The mandibles shape is closer to that of Dicuspiditermes.

A soldier and worker of Kemneritermes termites.
Kemneritermes termties soldier and workers

This picture shows two soldiers of Kemneritermes with some workers.
Kemneritermes termites soldiers and workers

Soldier of Kemneritermes termites.

Soldier of Kemneritermes termites.

Lateral view of Kemneritermes termite soldier.

Workers and a soldier of Kemneritermes termites.

Workers and a soldier of Kemneritermes termites.

Frontal view of view of Kemneritermes termite soldiers.

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