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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Tetramorium are monomorphic and polygynous ants ranging from slightly over a millimeters to 6 millimeters in length. Tetramorium are mostly daytime swarmers release their nuptial swarms during the day and their distribution are thus not affected by the night lights of human cities and towns.

Tetramorium ants.

Tetramorium ants.

Tetramorium ants.

Tetramorium ants.

Tetramorium sp2.
Tetramorium worker.

Tetramorium workers.

The gyne with workers and some alates.

A queen.

Tetramorium Sp3.

A small 3 millimeters species of Tetramorium.
A small species,

Another small species of Tetramorium.

A small species of Tetramorium workers and queen.

Male of Tetramorium ants.

Tetramorium ants tending the brood.

Family: Formicidae 36668
Subfamily: Myrmicinae 34695
Tribe: Tetramoriini 144020
Genus: Tetramorium 30204

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