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Monday, February 02, 2015

Lasius Sp.

Many Rainforest ants species are mostly subterranean (i.e. those that are not arboreal) meaning they seldom comes up to the ground surface. Then there are those that do come out in the open ground to forage but mostly when it is dark. And the Lasius genus and also Pseudolasius are one of these, that is why they are seldom seen but if we were to gauge the nuptials they seem to be everywhere as long as there are some trees covered (rural and semi urban) areas.

Lasius sp. This is a more typical Lasius ant in term of size.
Worker of Lasius ant.
Worker of Lasius ant

Workers of Lasius sp.
Workers of Lasius ant

Workers of Lasius sp.
Workers of Lasius ant

Workers of Lasius sp.
a more typical Lasius ant

Workers of Lasius ants.
Workers of Lasius ant

Workers of Lasius ants.
Workers of Lasius ant

Lasius sp.

A small Lasius species at less than 2 millimeters length. Definitely a Formicinae ant but maybe it is not Lasius at all.

See also:
Pseudolasius 262039

(no rank) Root 1
(Top Node) Cellular organism 131567
Superkingdom: Eukaryota 2759 [Domain]
(no rank) Opisthokonta 33154
Kingdom: Metazoa 33208
(no rank) Eumetazoa 6072
(no rank) Bilateria 33213
(no rank) Coelomata 33316
(no rank) Protosomia 33317
(no rank) Panarthropoda 88770
Phylum: Arthropoda 6656
(no rank) Mandibulata 197563
(no rank) Pancrustacea 197562
Superclass: Hexapoda 6960
Class: Insecta 50557
(no rank) Dicondylia 85512
(no rank) Pterygota 7496
Subclass: Neoptera 33340
Infraclass: Endopterygota 33392
Order: Hymenoptera 7399
(no rank) Apocrita 7400
Suborder: Aculeata 7434
Superfamily: Vespoidea 34725
Family: Formicidae 36668
Subfamily: Formicinae 7479
Tribe: Lasiini 72772
Genus: Lasius 7482

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