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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Unique among termites are the soldiers of the Nasutitermes genus. These are not armed with mandibles but a  syringe like contraption which squirt out a sticky pungent smelling liquid that immobilizes ants. This defense mechanism is so effective against ants that sub genus of Nasutitermes lived in unsealed nest and forages in long open columns unmolested by their main enemy, ants.

Nasuitermes alates.
Nasuitermes alates

Nasuitermes alates.
Nasuitermes alates

This very common species found through out Malaysia may nest underground or in trees. Their nest usually consist of excretment mixed with chewed up wood.

Nasutitermes longinasus.
A small red Nasute species with a dimorphic soldier caste.
The minor and major soldier of a small red Nasute termite species.
The minor soldier, major soldier and worker of a small red Nasute termite.

A large orange red Havilanditermes with dimorphic workers.

Hirtitermes hirtiventris

Workers and soldiers of Hirtitermes hirtiventris 

Soldier of Hirtitermes hirtiventris

This is a more delicate subterranean species.

Nasutitermes sp

Nasutitermes sp

In this species of Nasutitermes while the external of nest chambers are the normal smooth  surfaced of termites with excrement nest, the internal walls of the nest chambers are honeycombed.

Lacessititermes sp

Lacessititermes sp.

A fully black species.

The lichen that they feed on. Quite obviously the preference is for the lighter.

Soldier of Bulbitermes sp.
Soldier of Bulbitermes sp

Major and minor workers of Bulbitermes sp.
Major and minor workers of Bulbitermes sp

Minor worker of Bulbitermes sp.
Minor worker of Bulbitermes sp

Major and minor soldiers of Longipeditermes longipes.

Major soldier of Longipeditermes longipes.

Worker of Longipeditermes longipes.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Subclass: Pterygota
Infraclass: Neoptera
Superorder: Dictyoptera
Order: Isoptera 7499
Suborder: Fontanella
Subdivision: Longiprocta
Superfamily: Termitiodae
Family - Termitidae 46569
Subfamily: Nasutitermitinae

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