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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Pachycondyla havilandi

Pachycondyla havilandi is a medium size species of the Pachycondyla genus. This rather 'fat' looking ant has tiny eyes and are mostly subterranean. Like quite a number of species of the Pachycondyla genus this species is a specialist termite predator. Specialist termites hunters tackle their favorite termite prey in a different manner from non specialist termite hunter ants. In specialist termites hunters when they encounter termites they kill as many as they can and pile them up before transporting them back to their nest.

Pachycondyla havilandi is polygynous and like most species of this genus is monomorphic.

Like many species of this genus this ant is mostly a subterranean hunter tunneling their way underground to hunt their main prey - termites. As a major decompositor of the forest floor, termites are the main target prey for many forest ants as well as other forest predators and their are contributory to the richness in species biodiversity of invertebrates (especially ants) in the Tropical Rainforest.

A worker of Pachycondyla havilandi.
A worker of Pachycondyla havilandi

A worker of Pachycondyla havilandi.
A worker of Pachycondyla havilandi

 Workers of Pachycondyla havilandi with some larvae.
Workers of Pachycondyla havilandi with some larvae

A worker of Pachycondyla havilandi with a small larva.
worker of Pachycondyla havilandi

A worker of Pachycondyla havilandi with some larvae.
worker of Pachycondyla havilandi

Top Node: cellular organisms
Superkingdom: Eukayota 2759
Opisthokonta 33154
Kingdom: Metazoa 33208 (aka Animalia)
(No Rank): Eumetazoa 6072
(No Rank): Bilateria 33213
(No Rank): Protostomia 33317
(No Rank): Ecdysozoa 1206784
(No Rank):Panarthropoda 88770
Phylum: Arthropoda 6656
(No Rank): Mandibulata 197563
(No Rank): Pancrustacea 197562
Superclass: Hexapoda 6960
Class: Insecta 50557
(No Rank): Dicondylia 85512
(No Rank): Petrygota 7496
Subclass: Neoptera33340
Infraclass: Endopterygota 33392
Order: Hymenoptera 7399
(No Rank): Apocrita 7400
Suborder: Aculeata 7434
Superfamily: Vespoidea 34725
Family: Formicidae 36668
Subfamily: Ponerinae 43085
Tribe: Ponerini 141711
Genus: Pachycondyla 118887
Species: havilandi 613670

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First Posted: 2012 11 17
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